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Clinical Site Services

Easing Site Technology Burden, Giving Personnel More Time to Focus on Patients​

AiCure Clinical Site Services provides sites with end-to-end, customized support and monitoring of metrics related to adherence, compliance, data management, and technology use among study participants. Site Services are delivered by clinical service leaders with deep research operations expertise. These leaders partner with study coordinators to understand the current pain points in a trial, offer data-driven counsel, and actively support patient engagement to ensure quality study conduct and participant satisfaction.

Clinical Site Services Fact Sheet

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AiCure Clinical Site Services Personnel Provide Extensive Monitoring, Outreach, and Support


Patient level monitoring identifies areas of risk and delivers support and guidance on actions to be taken

  • Work closely with an adherence monitoring team to understand and respond to trends

  • Conduct risk analysis

  • Bridge gaps by collaborating closely with project management and customer success managers​


Direct site outreach and proactive follow-up to ensure site and participant compliance

  • Issues or concerns are escalated to AiCure clinical site leads


Individualized site training and ad-hoc support based on issue trends

  • Provide actionable guidance to site coordinators via hands on approach​

  • Manage study level analytics for reporting

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