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AiCure Patient Connect Evolved from Legacy

Medication Adherence & Dosing Support

Patient Connect is a mobile app used by participants for real-time dosing instructions that leverages computer vision to ensure medication adherence.

Patient Connect Includes

  • Daily reminders to keep participants on track

  • Logs the date/time of doses and automatically reports adherence

  • Integrated ePRO/questionnaires

  • Site contact information stored in the app

  • Micro-Reimbursements

  • Simple registration and activation at a clinical site or remotely

  • Custom dosing supports all routes of administration

Legacy to Patient Connect Fact Sheet

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Directly Observed Therapy to Fit Modern Clinical Needs

AiCure Legacy is the medication adherence software available before Patient Connect.

Patient Connect was first deployed in December 2021. Studies that began before this date continue to run on AiCure Legacy.

AiCure Legacy remains functional and fully supported. Patient Connect retains the most powerful capabilities while introducing more convenience, speed, and flexibility.

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